One more in the crowd trying to stand up.

As life is full of changes, some of them are good and other’s are bad, it only hands up to you and how you deal with it.

Finishing my graduation on IT Engineering at ISEP in Portugal, and working as a purchase manager on a IT company at the moment. In the future i would like to take a new challenge were i can give the best of me, and where i can learn and grow professionally.

I love all computer relation stuff, but my true passion are smartphones where i keep in touch with all the latest news and buy the best models… In the movie section i’m an unconditional fan of Star Wars, if you want a gauge it’s like with collectibles and so on level. I like cars, specially Japanese ones, my favorite car is a not too cheap and old Toyota AE86 GT Twin Cam, Trueno as it’s known, for something like 10k for a 25 years old car is a lot… 😦 I like sports in general, and my football team is FC Porto.

At last English is not my main language, so you may see an error here and there.. sorry about that!

Don’t let your dreams be dreams… Just do it!
twitter: shia labeouf