Star Wars The last jedi

This year we have another Star Wars movie, and as it's getting usual some months before the movie, we have the first trailer. Star Wars The last jedi trailer There isn't much in this first trailer, we get Rey back with BB-8 and the mighty Kylo Ren. About the story we only know for now … Continue reading Star Wars The last jedi


Samsung Galaxy S8 the new generation

Samsung announced on 29 of March "the next big thing", i'm not a Samsung fanboy but my latest 4 smartphones were Samsung (Note 4, S6 Edge +, S7 Edge and now the S8 Plus) it says something. The Galaxy S7 Edge wasn't a perfect phone, but it was the most similar to that in the … Continue reading Samsung Galaxy S8 the new generation

Windows 10 creators edition and privacy

Microsoft is rolling out since yesterday the big Windows 10 Creators Edition, and with it the first time that they detail the Windows 10 privacy settings. Back in January Microsoft indicated it would eliminate the "Enhanced" telemetry reporting option with the rollout of the creators update. The Enhanced option previously was the "default" setting for … Continue reading Windows 10 creators edition and privacy